Surgery, Pokémon and Fleamarkets!

I’m not dead – I just didn’t have much happening worthy of blogging about. Then when it did I was just lazy.  And now I can’t remember much of it, so I’ll just pick up where I left off.

As you all know, i was away for a mammogram. The information they got from it was the same as last year – it’s not cancer, just a connective tissue lump. However, because of the size of it, they will surgically remove it so it doesn’t irritate and hurt whenever I decide to have children, cause aparently it can hurt pretty bad when the breast grows during pregnancy.

(Clarification – I am not thinking of getting pregnant anytime soon, it’s just a precaution – plus it is already really annoying having that thing taking place in my boob ;P)

They will also check it after it is removed just in case there really is something wrong with it – there most likely isn’t, but it’s routine to do that whenever something is removed so that’s all good.

I got an appointment on the 15th, and even though it isn’t too big of a procedure, I am starting to get fairly nervous after reading the information/preparation pamphlet – it sort of makes the whole thing more real, ya know.

I still don’t know wether I will get a local anaesthesia or if I am going to be anesthetized and be asleep through the procedure, but I sort of hope I will get a local since the thought of being anesthetized give me the creeps – just scared something will go wrong and I won’t wake up ^^’ Silly, I know, but yeah… My boyfriend will go with me and if they accept visits (which the info says they only do in certain circumstances) I hope he can be with me after the surgery; I really don’t wanna sit in there alone -.- sigh I guess I’ll just tell them I am nervous and worried, and that I really want him there.

I have been anesthetized before, when I was a kid and got surgery for my lazy eye, but it’s so long ago I don’t remember much of it.

Anyway, thanks to anyone who read through this thing ;P

On another note, which I am sure a lot of you poképeople have already heard – they are releasing Pokemon Omega and Alpha (too lazy to write the whole names) in November – they are ‘remakes’ of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire 😀 I am very excited, and I will be getting Omega Ruby. Cause you know, Fire pokémon 😉

Now moving on to flea markets.

On Saturday there is one the next town over which I will go and check out. Then there’s a HUGE one in Gotherborg the 25th (which is also an election day in sweden, so I will be pre-voting so I can go to this instead) called ‘Majornas Megaloppis’.

This one is HUGE – people get to use their own tables and go outside to put out stuff to sell in a huge area – my friend in Gothenburg has been there before, last time in 2012 and she scored some nice things there so I am really excited about going ^^ Hoping I will find some old games and such, not to mention PONIES!

Wish me luck, I could really use it 😉 (both surgery and fleamarket wise)

See you next time


Just a bit of friendly advertisement :)

My bestestestestest…..est…est friend is moving to London soon, and so she is now taking art commissions to save up some cash – in short, she is drawing for money.

She is really good, and a real sweetheart (I’m sure you’ve heard this about everyone from everyone when it comes to their friends, huh xD) and she really cares about her customers and their satisfaction with what they have commissioned her to do.


(click it for original DeviantART upload)

See this? It’s a marker-picture she made for me back in 2012, and she has, believe it or not, improved a lot since then. She is (if you somehow haven’t come to the cunclusion yet) my best friend, and I might be a bit biased to her art because of that, lol, but I do think she is awesome at drawing – much, much better than me in so many aspects, and I know she will give you her best effort to make you happy with your order.

Here is the link to her commission info on DeviantART


If you can’t contact her through DeviantART, she can also be reached through the following sites:

Twitter: CactieSheep
Tumblr: Dinogoatart

Go and give her some loving, she deserves it 😉 hugs her tightly

And the cleaning begins…

My apartment has been looking like a bomb exploded over it, and I finally got my act together and started cleaning. Today I picked up stuff from the floors, vaccuumed them, and cleaned up in the bathroom which was the worst wth clothes all over the floor. Literally. Now you can see there’s a bathroom there, lol, thought there’s still a huge lot of laundry.

I could really use Consuela right about now 😀


I will keep going with that tomorrow, as I took a nap a few hours ago – and I woke up just now XD Now it’s a bit late to start washing laundry and such, plus I am hungry. Need food!

But oh, right, tomorrow I was gonna go on a thrifting spree…. procrastination at it’s highest I was also going to use this weekend to give the lot of ponies I bought from a friend last week a spa treatment…. Decicions, decicions…

We’ll have to see how much cleaning I get done tomorrow XD at least you can walk in the appartment without getting crap under your feet everywhere you go 😛

Now – FOOD!

Springtime, Mammogram and Commissioned Art

Spring is here! For now, at least – I bet you there will be snow next week, like it was yesterday. I’m done with snow!!! I want sun and warmth, chirping birds and blooming flowers, just like today is offering.

I think the cops are feeling it too, cause there was a police car outside the café in town – I’d like to think they were in there to buy cake ^^
Or perhaps the renown police food – Donuts 😉

Regarding my doctors appointment, it went well – depending on how you see it.
Negative: It was confirmed that the lump had indeed grown
Positive: It is most likely still benign, and I got a new referral for a mammogram. Now I’ll just have to wait and see how long I have to wait for the actual mamogram.

The doctor said I should ask them about how to go on about getting it removed, as I told her it is uncomfortable having it there. Plus, she mentioned if I still have it whenever I might want to get pregnant and have kids, the lump will most likely be in the way with the growing breasts and become very painful. So after the mamogram, i will insist I want it surgically removed, which will result in me getting another referral to a surgeon. And Celestia* knows how long that might take.

On the art front, I got a sketch made for me – I commissioned another artist on DeviantART to make me a sketch of my pony persona, WinterSparkle.

winter by sugar

Isn’t she adorable?! *pinches cheeks* Thank you very much, SoftSugar 🙂

On the cat front, Pipen is very much himself again. He was messing around when I remembered he should get his anti-inflamatories. I went and got it, and he was still messing around so I was like “you wanna wrestle? we can wrestle!” and I messed around and played with him for a second, and when he was on his back and had his mouth open, I took the chance and just put the syringe in his mouth and squirted the medicine in there. He just reacted by licking his mouth and swallowing it like “wtf just happened?”. He’s so gullible *laughs* Gotta love that cat, I thought I would have issues getting him to take it but all I had to do was trick him. Then after a minute he just went back to messing around.

*Celestia: Pony version of “God knows when”

Dietician Appointment

I also went to the Dietician today, as I forgot to mention in my last post.

We agreed that she would put together a ‘food schedule’ for me to follow, to make sure I eat correctly and gain weigh. When we weighed me, I thought I would be around 47kg, but surprise, surprise, I was actually 49,7kg 🙂 Almost 50! That’s great, since I can’t remember when I last weighed around 50. It SHOULD be around 60-65 for me to be considered having a healthy weight, so we’ll see how it goes.

I am also getting a type of referrral/recipe for swimming sessions – it gives me a reduced price on an excercise swimming card. This is so that I get the right amount of training, and swimming is the perfect way of excercise without putting too much preassure on my joints.

I will write more about how this goes as soon as she’s sent me my schedule 🙂

Flea-markets, breastlumps and neutered cats.

Just a few minutes ago I searched for some fleamarkets around where I live and I found a few 🙂

A few thrift stores closeby, and a carboot sale/fleamarket that’s gonna be held in May 🙂

Might visit the thrift stores this weekend to see if I have any pony luck 🙂 The one I mostly want to visit is open tomorrow, but since I am going to the doctor to check the lump in my breast, I won’t have time as they open 8.00am, and close at 12.30pm, and my appointment clashes with that, so it will have to be Saturday instead.

Regarding the lump, I’ve had it since sometime in November/December last year, but I have already visited a doctor and had a mamogram for it and the results were benign. Now, however, it has grown bigger and is quite annoying, so I got a new appointment with a doctor to check on it and see what we’re gonna do, and I will probably be refered to a new mamogram. Even if it comes out as benign this time as well, I will still claim to get it removed as it is pretty annoying, and I can’t help but worry even if they say it’s nothing dangerous.

Also, my kitten Pipen got neutered today. He is doing very well and is about his regular self already, eating normally and messing around as usual.

pipen1 pipen2

The vet gave me compliments on how nice his body was, he had the prefect amount of fat and looked really nice 🙂 That was really nice to hear ^^

Now I’m gonna get me something to eat, and then we’ll see if I go to bed or stay up a little while longer.

Wish me luck tomorrow for my examination, and that I have some pony-luck this weekend 😉